Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Well, it has been a while since I've posted anything. We have been quite busy with family, friends, work and church. We are always hoping life will "simmer down" a little but it still keeps truckin' a long.

So here's to the 4th of July, may you enjoy your holiday!
And Let Freedom Ring, as Wayne likes to say.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hot Tamale!

It's 97 degrees out...

We are approaching the time of year when the 7-day forecast just isn't as charming as it is say in November with threats of snow, or mid-March as "severe" often peppers the forecast. I' ve come to love the weather, and I'm not really sure when that happened. We did live in Wichita Falls, Texas in the late 70's during the horrific tornado of 1979...and Oklahoma does have its fair share of servere weather.

There is something about anticipating a "snow day" that I can't get enough of. I like when thunderstorms are being forecast a few days away. Or in October when you start seeing the highs fall. I've been know to check 3-6 different forecasts any particular day. And I have a favorite weather radar at that is great for watching approaching storms. For a more scientific breakdown of the weather, check And what's better than a 7-day? How about a 15-day at If you live in the OKC metro my fave is, but I do check the others. By the way, 10:17 p.m. is the exact time of the weather on KOCO. Also you can pause one forecast, and watch another. Thanks TiVo! Last October, I got to go on a tour of the National Weather service in Norman, OK. It was just a side event, during a conference I was attending, but what a treat!

Around July, all you see if 95, 96, 95, 94, 95, 98, 99, 95, 93 (oooh, a cold front), 95, 100. That's it for a couple of months. Occasionally, we will get hit with a surprise rain shower. But it is pretty much "weather sameness" for weeks on end. Radar---free and clear! Summer does make for a beautiful sky.

Some people are mountain people or beach people...I prefer a great sky/horizon. I didn't realize I was a "Plains Girl" until I went to Virginia and Alaska where the trees and mountains were hemming me in. I needed to see the SKY! Don't get me wrong, I love trees in the fall, and mountains are nothing short of breathtaking, but they have nothing on an Oklahoma sunset or a New Mexico horizon.

I here's to the 7-day, I love you and I will miss you this summer!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy Bee

It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks. We finally closed on the sale of Wayne's house in Norman. Yippee! We spent more than a few days working on getting everything cleaned out and gone through before closing. We are so thankful it sold.

Wayne's cousin and wife just had premature twins about 3 weeks ago. While the babies are in the hospital, they have stayed with us over the last couple of weekends. Keep those little ones in your prayers. They tough little girls, and are hanging in there.

Over Mother's Day weekend, we spent Friday and Saturday in Ada with Wayne's parents and sister. We had a great 2 days with them. Mostly relaxing and hanging out. On Sunday, Wayne left for a week in Boulder, CO for training. Lucky Dog! I spent Mother's Day evening eating Mexican food and homemade lemon pie with my family. I finally busted out my Kitchen Aid Mixer (a wedding gift) to make the meringue for the pie. Oh how I love my mixer and can't wait to use it again.

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks because there won't be too much going on. I'm hoping to post more...I have to catch you up on my weather obsession. Yeah crazy weather, BOO tornadoes and damage. And our friend just build me this amazing craft table. Once I get it painted and set-up I will post pictures. I have lots of paper craft projects to work on and show you, too. Also, we got to go help prune a vineyard in mid-April. It was a very neat experience. I was amazed at how the vineyard really done resemble our life with God. I have some pictures and stories to share, too.

Here's to a great Monday

PS Congratulations to Eric and Tara who just had their adoption finalized.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Something a little smelly...

A couple of weekends ago, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I went shopping. Wayne was taking his dad the Rangers/White Sox game. I purchased two new scents from Bath and Body Works. Usually, I can't find a scent I like, or I do find one but it because unrecognizable or down right yucky smelling on me.
My two new favorites scents are "Sea Island Cotton" and "Sensual Amber". Along with my new lotions and sprays, I bought a new small sear sucker blue and white striped make-up bag. Mine just happens to carry not only lipstick, but Advil, gum and pens.

What else is new here...the weather in Oklahoma has turned both dangerous and lovely over the past few weeks. And I love every moment of it. We had a beautiful weekend and the 7-day forecast includes 4 days of thunderstorms and rain. Yea! Last Thursday all the weathermen were hyping up the potential for bad weather. I actually told Wayne I was bummed when the rain moved further east. I really don't want any ones homes destroyed or damaged but I do love exciting weather. I will post more about my weather obsession at a later date.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

This is a poem I wrote more than a few years ago. It was in response to encountering the homeless while in Washington DC.

Good Friday

I. Intersections

As you stretch out fingers for coins,

I notice maps to places only

dreams have been. There is

distance in your eyes.

Clink, clink of quarters into cups.

And I deny you.

II. Georgetown

Crippled bodies uphold walls

where mutual funds pay for mochas

and books on poverty.

Eyes avert dilapidated lives,

bitter reminders all backs can

support brick and mortar.

Resting with change from step-ahead,

step-around, step-aside strangers.

And I deny you.

III. Union Station

Agent Orange glazes your eyes and ideas.

You tell me stories of jungles and war.

Do you know I have no knowledge of war?

And when you ask I will say no?

Ransom for peaceful sleep.

And I deny you.

IV. Sunrise

In the distance, I hear the rooster crow.

Am I your modern-day disciple?

Eyes lifted to see eyes, ear tuned to ear

I will not be Peter anymore.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tea Swap

For the last two months I have subscribed to a Paperbella service( Basically, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday you get different project ideas along with directions. This month they offered a swap. You sign-up, are assigned a partner, and then you send them a package of theme related items. Either bought or homemade. The theme for this swap was either tea or queen related.

I receive the neatest mosaic and as well as beautiful tea cards/tea recipe cards and teacup earrings from Kelly at (see below)
I love getting mail, and what more fun than getting package full of neat goodies. I want to "swap" again!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Scrap Happy

Over the last year I started making homemade cards. I don't really know how it started, but before I knew it I had a full basket at Hobby Lobby and signed up for card making classes. What began as cards making, soon turned to paper crafts, and from that to scrap booking. I always said I would never scrapbook. Yeah, I know never say never.

I've come to enjoy the hands-on tactile experience. There is something about getting my hands messy, picking paper colors and embellishments that I love. I have been a writer for years, but have stumbled upon a dry spell and I think the whole craft experience has filled that creative vacuum. I've always been a fan of paper, stationary, good pens, and fun office supplies. The scrapbook/paper craft world is like office supplies on steroids. On top off all the scrap booking, and paper craft options there is a blog to go with each. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading and being inspired by these most talented artists. As soon as I learn to add a blog roll thingy, I will link to the blogs I read.

And if you find yourself needing a creative fix, please check out Scrapbooks From the Heart in OKC. Here's their website; It is run by Jennifer Wells, and they offer great classes, great supplies, and lots of friendly faces.